Classifying CPT and ICD9 codes in a policy

Codes are categorized using the mouse with modifier keys
To categorize codes in a policy using the Policy Screen

1) Click on the first code in the list

The code will be displayed and highlighted in the policy

If the code is part of a range the second code in the range will be highlighted

2) Categorize the code by clicking on it with the modifier key down. (Control, Option or Command)

The code will be categorized and automatically moved to the bottom of the list. The next code to be processed will simultaneously move to the top and be displayed and highlighted in the Policy text box. In the case of ranges the entire range is categorized and moved to the bottom of the list.

Control Black Covered
Option Red Non-Covered
Command Grey Not a Code
Control + Option Blue Unkown

To remove codes within a range use the shift key in combination with the other keys to classify a single code of a range individually

3) Codes may also be swiped to select and categorize a group from the list all at once

4) After a code has been clicked on and located in the policy more information may be displayed about the code using the header button above the list ("CPT Codes" or "ICD9 Codes")

Clicking on the Find Button locates every occurrence of the code by percentage location for those rare occasions where the first instance of the code does not provide enough information for categorization. The same function is used to find every instance of a word or phrase in the Policy.

Clicking on a percentage point from the Find list goes to that occurrence of the code in the policy and displays the code in highlight in the Policy text box.

Clicking on the Policy button displays the policy in its original format in Internet Explorer.