Multiple Policies in a single Document

A policy is defined as a set of consistent relationships between a group of ICD9 codes and a Group of CPT codes. In some instances a carrier will issue a document which covers several different sets of relationships in one document. These policies are defined by Codequest as Multi-Policies. A special set of function is provided in CodeQuest to properly categorize these policies.

Operators first review a policy in its original format before classifying the codes in the policy using the Policy button to display the document in its original html form. If the Policy contains more than one set of code relationships, a duplicate policy is created using the Multi-policy button on the Policy screen for each set of relationships.

The Multi-Policy button creates a duplicate of the Policy. The original policy becomes the base policy of the Multi-Policy set and its ID number becomes the Multi-Policy number for the entire set. The Operator then defines the first set of code relationships on the first policy and categorizes the rest of the codes as Non-Code values. The second Multi-Policy categorizes the second set of relationships with all other codes categorized as Non-Codes etc etc.

When processing Multi-Policies, the Policy list screen automatically defaults to listing only the members of the Multi-Policy set being worked on for convenience and easy review of the various components.