Comparing Codes and Coverage between States and Regions

CodeQuest includes a phenomenally powerful analysis capability. Comparative analysis of any aspect of coverage is available with a few clicks of the mouse. Sets can be created and stored by any definition then used as inputs into further comparisons using the logical operators of intersection, union, and difference. Questions such as "How does Coverage of Anesthesia in Michigan differ from Ohio" or "What do they have in common" are quickly and easily answered. Sets can be quickly and easily created by State, Carrier, Region or for the entire country, then saved to disk and used as inputs into further analysis. A set can be created that lists all ICD9's covered for a Given CPT nationwide (i.e.10100), then used to determine what codes are missing from Wyoming. The same goes for a given ICD9 (i.e.v70.1) and its corresponding CPT codes.

Sets are created from one of five "Create from" screens (CPT, ICD9, Policy, Policy-CPT, Policy-ICD9) depending on the definition desired. Each of the five screens can create three different types of "Analysis Sets" (CPT, ICD9, and  Policy) depending on the analysis desired. For example, from the "Create from CPT" screen, a query or mouse selection defines the CPT codes listed, then...  a set of all ICD9 codes covered can be created and saved, a set of all policies which mention the code can be created and saved, or the set of the CPT codes itself can be created and saved to disk. To create a set from a given carrier or a group of carriers or some other definition the Policy-CPT (or Policy-ICD9) screen would be used to create one of the three "Comparison Sets" (Policy, CPT, or ICD9).

Three different analysis screens are provided; Analyze CPT, Analyze ICD9, and Analyze Policy. Each screen provides intersection, Union, Difference capability. The additional capability to save the results of an analysis and to use it as an input into further analysis creates an unlimited analytical capability. For example, to compare the ICD9 Coverage for CPT code 10100 in Michigan with National Code Coverage sited in the previous example: the operator simply clicks the difference button on the ICD9 screen, selects the National set, then selects the Michigan set and the result is automatically displayed and can be saved, printed or discarded.